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Love Flows©

A quilt not only warms the heart with beauty, it warms the body and whispers of love in every stitch.


As you can see from my poem above, quilting is a way for each of us to flow our love and healing.  Whether it’s to a family member, a stranger who is in need or a child in a hospital, the ultimate reason I quilt is to flow love and beauty to the lives I touch. 

Stop back often to view the close-ups of my latest designs, the colors, the quilting and the feeling that you can just reach out to touch them.  Be inspired!

This beautiful Isabelle quilt is in the shop - queen and king size - two colors to choose from.  It's absolutely gorgeous in person.  I had a wonderful time meeting everyone at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Fest - Hampton, VA and the AQS show in Lancaster follows soon after.  Next up on my list is Quilt Odyssey in Hershey, PA.  I hope to see you there.  

Please support your local quilt shops.  If they don't carry my designs, ask them if they would be interested.  Without your local shop, you wouldn't be able to touch the fabrics or play with colors in person, which is the perfect shopping experience for any quilter.  Many shops also offer classes to teach beginner quilters, learn a new technique, or simply hang out with friends.

For those who do not have a neighborhood quilt shop, check out my on-line shop for my latest quilt pattern designs.  My goal is to offer many of the fabrics I use in my designs to make your quilting experience enjoyable and rewarding.

Love flows, Jan

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