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Business hours:  Monday - Friday, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time. 

I am a quilt pattern designer and work from home.  I do not have a brick and mortar store so all mail is directed to my PO Box.  I will attempt to respond to your email or phone call as quickly as possible if I am not traveling.  If I am traveling, I will post a notice at the top of my website indicating the shop is closed.  

If you are having difficulty with a pattern, an email is the best form of communication.  I have designed over 100 patterns and I need to have the pattern available to review your concerns when I respond.  Thank you for your understanding.

Business Address:  PO Box 205, Shillington, PA  19607  Phone:  484-332-1675


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Jan Douglas Design
PO Box 205
Shillington, PA  19607
(484) 332-1675
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  • I am an online store. If you have any issues feel free to contact me via the contact button above or PO Box 205, Shillington, PA  19607
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